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We will help you turn your business into a remote online business.

As a client of Reify Academy, we will guide through this journey:

  • Evaluate the software needs of your business and help you choose.
  • Examine your existing business processes and adjust to online business.
  • Execute all necessary steps with you to transition your business to a fully remote online model.
With Reify Academy, you will establish your online business with confidence and without fear.
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What sets us aparts

We understand your needs

Discover how you can generate recurring revenue from your online business in just a few months.

Online Coaching Sessions

We offer our clients the flexibility and convenience of meeting with their coach online in a 1-on-1 video session.

You choose with your coach the time and schedule that works for you. All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer with a camera.

The Right Tech For You

With us, you will launch your own business, not get a job as a software engineer.
We focus on technologies that help you get going fast and scale as your business grows.

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Create your own future

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Meet the Crew

The shoulders you can step on

Cordelia Murphy


Cordelia is an aspiring senior full stack software developer with over a decade of experience combining technical training with business management, HIPAA compliance/cybersecurity, research, and project management in a wide range of industries and business sizes.

As a relatively recent web development bootcamp graduate, Cordelia brings to the table a learning how to learn approach to teaching software development and startup creation. Cordelia's focus is passing on their hard won knowsledge on  how to problem solve - working systematically to model what is going on and question the assumptions that always come up when writing code.

Cordelia loves best to write maintainable software that produce long-lived products which can be easily adapted to future business needs.Besides software development,  Cordelia loves nothing better than to learn some new piece of DevSecOps infrastructure and make a (personal or professional) system improvement.

Outside of work, Cordelia's passions include speculative fiction by socially marginalised writers, self development/personal growth, high intensity strength training/exercise, and cooking foods from their hometown of New Orleans, LA, USA.

Maxim Filimonov


I am a Tech Entrepreneur with over a decade of industry experience in a variety of fields. I have been part of large corporate, world-renown consultancies, and core team member of multiple startups.

I strive to deliver projects which are easy to adapt to future requirements.  I have helped to build technical stacks (Nodejs, MeteorJS, Ruby) for multiple startups from scratch.  
When I lead teams, I strive to be an inspiring leader and focus on team growth and alignment of team members interests with their work.  During my career, I have been working across the full-stack of a product from setting up build systems, servers, creating mobile applications, optimizing backend algorithms, and making frontend CSS styling changes.  

As a startup founder myself, I understood the importance of delegation.  My strengths lay in setting up automation and creating delightful user experience through front-end and back-end code.  In my creative time, I prefer to disconnect from technology and reflect.

Practices like yoga, meditation, and playing instruments help me to stay present with myself and gain insights into challenging problems.

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