We offer flexible pricing so that you can determine the pace that works for you.

Our program cost is made of two components - per month program fee and per mentor session cost.
You can adjust the number of sessions you have with your mentor controlling the pace and cost that fits right for you.

The pace you choose will determine how fast you build your MVP. How fast you finish the program impacts the total cost of the program. We start curriculum with brief course on basics of programming and then start building your MVP.

Cost Comparison

Comparision with hiring an agency or freelancer

Over the short term hiring a freelancer might be easier but it can lead to longer term issues. Two questions to think about are the cost of short term and long term engagement.

You can hire a relatively good freelancer for about $50 (USD) per hour. An average size project takes at least 8 weeks for an MVP. One freelance developer working on that average-size project at $50 an hour for about 320 hours (8 weeks) will cost about $16,000 USD.

Great you have a first version! Let’s see if it works….

Let’s imagine your MVP version works well enough to start generating revenue. You then look to hire that same freelancer and find out that they are busy on another project. So, you hire a different freelancer - this one spends two weeks (and another $4000 USD) adding only one of the necessary changes and blames the original freelancer’s “bad code” for the issue. Who do you believe?

This is the story from our own experience working with and as freelancers for over a decade.

I can find a technical co-founder (CTO)

Searching for a technical co-founder is like trying to go on a date with a celebrity.

They have too many demands on their time and not enough hours in the day. So not only are they hard to get in front of, it is then an uphill climb to convince them to join your team. They have to build the product after all.

Also, how do you evaluate the skills of a technical co-founder? A co-founder is not just a software developer, but a C level executive. They are there to help you to grow, expand the team and support you in times when profits are shrinking. They still also need to be technically proficient enough to develop the product on their own. Finding someone that skilled, with the spare time, and willing to commit is a tall order.

* Mentor sessions are purchased on a bi-weekly schedule

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