Cordelia Murphy


Cordelia is an aspiring senior full stack software developer with over a decade of experience combining technical training with business management, HIPAA compliance/cybersecurity, research, and project management in a wide range of industries and business sizes. As a relatively recent web development bootcamp graduate, Cordelia brings to the table a learning how to learn approach to teaching software development and startup creation. Cordelia's focus is passing on their hard won knowsledge on  how to problem solve - working systematically to model what is going on and question the assumptions that always come up when writing code. Cordelia loves best to write maintainable software that produce long-lived products which can be easily adapted to future business needs.

Besides software development,  Cordelia loves nothing better than to learn some new piece of DevSecOps infrastructure and make a (personal or professional) system improvement..

Outside of work, Cordelia's passiions include speculative fiction by socially marginalized writers, self development/personal growth, high intensity strength training/exercise, and cooking foods from their hometown of New Orleans, LA, USA.

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